Why Learn Python Program And Not Another Language


Technology is increasingly present in our lives. More and more people are considering starting to write code to turn their professional careers around. The developers are some of the best paid workers in the industry, but the road is not always clear.

Today, a developer is expected to know more than one program languages so that he can solve various problems in the most efficient, attractive or fast way. This makes it difficult to choose which one to start with. Several start with Java or with lower level languages ​​such as C, some scientists fall in love with the ease of R for statistics and others venture into web programming with the JavaScript course for cats.

Each of these languages ​​specializes in something or has more libraries dedicated to a certain subject, but in case you do not know what to choose, it is a good idea to learn to program with Python for several reasons.

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Is easy to learn

There is a certain belief that programming is only for those geniuses who were born with something that the rest do not have. It is a lie and even, there are different coding languages ​​that are easy to learn thanks to its structure and syntax. Python is one of them. It is a simple language, focused on functionality, which allows anyone, without the need to be an expert, to understand the code.

It is versatile

Python is 28 years old and is still used for something like all programming languages. It can be used in any development project and in different scenarios. Therefore, any technology company could design its solutions in Python. In turn, a person who knows how to program in it can enter to work in any company. It is used for cloud solutions, web development, database management in SQL and even to create machine learning algorithms for an artificial intelligence.

It is already mature

Over time, Python accumulated more than 85,000 libraries among modules and programs for anyone to use in their own developments. There is everything, from NumPy, to clean and analyze data, to Tweepy, which allows you to manage Twitter.

It gets along well with the data

No matter what position the person is in, it is very likely that managing data is a fundamental part of their work. Python is one of the most used languages ​​in what is data science. Therefore, although the objective is not to devote full time to programming, it is a tool that can be exploited from any position.

It is open source and multi platform

It works on Linux, on Windows and on MacOS. Everything gives equal and at the same time is being developed as an open project for 20 years. Those are many years of people looking for and fixing mistakes. It is a solid programing languages.

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