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Can You Plug a 3 Pin Fan Into a 4 Pin

Can You Plug a 3 Pin Fan Into a 4 Pin?

Yes! If you connect a 4-pole connector to your motherboard's 4-pole header, then the PWM controller will automatically adjust the…
Convert an Internal DVD Drive to an External IDE

How to Convert an Internal DVD Drive to an External IDE With a USB Cable

Transferring an external DVD drive into external devices is relatively easy for those who have experience with hand tools. It's…
Truth About Programmatic Advertising and B2B Sales

The Truth About Programmatic Advertising and B2B Sales

Suppose you're a B2B marketer, and you've likely heard that most B2C businesses utilize programmatic advertising — a cutting-edge, clever…
Best Assassin's Creed Games Of All Time

Ranking The Best Assassin’s Creed Games Of All Time – The Top 5 List

It’s safe to say, the Assassin’s Creed franchise is probably the best ever gaming series, like of all time. Whether…
Best Free Logo Makers Online

How to Make a Memorable but Simple Logo for Your Business

A logo is a key part of any business, yet many overlook its importance. A logo is often the first…
Top Educational Technology Trends

Top Educational Technology Trends

Big Data, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT), were the top three trends in educational technology for 2019.…

What is the blockchain or chain of blocks?

Although bitcoin uses this technology to archive transactions and virtual currencies, the reality is that it has started to give other uses, since it also allows to save and share any type of data and documents. In this way, the blockchain technology can be described as a book of digital events

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How to turn your personal blog into your business

Today, many people have a hobby blog where they share topics of personal interest. However, turning  into a profitable personal blog business is a process that is already more complex and requires time, patience and diligence. There are different platforms that allow you to create a blog. Two of the

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Internet security with SSL and HTTPS certificates

Electronic espionage and malicious use of information are problems faced by both international authorities and private consumers. That is why the subject of Internet security is becoming a priority for many companies. Digitization not only takes place in the private sector, but within the workplace more and more companies use

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30 interesting things to print in 3D that are really useful

Plastic hammer THWACK is a light and sturdy plastic hammer to hit any element. Perfect for crushing inner nails, adjusting objects, using it for percussion, and for intimidating strangers. Coin bank Keep your coins safe in this cheesy coin bank in the shape of an overweight pig. Shelf in the

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Introduction to Private Browsing: 8 tips to protect your data

Every time we are online, we leave a digital “trail”. IP addresses give us away and cookies compile our Private browsing habits. Internet service providers (ISPs) and employers theoretically keep track of which sites we visit and when. Even private navigation, also known as Incognito mode, is not entirely safe

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The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in search particle of God

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest particle accelerator. In this experiment, physicists from the European Laboratory of Particle Physics (CERN) collide among themselves subatomic particles (mainly protons, one of the constituents of the atom nucleus) at selected points where large detectors are located (ATLAS, CMS, LHCb and

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