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What You Need to Know About Actuator Manufacturing Process

Linear drives are an essential part of our modern technology. In every car, there is a dozen of different ways they are implemented, from an intrinsic component of an engine valve to a quality-of-life application as a window opener. So, you can imagine how many electric actuators have to be made to satisfy the demands […]

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Lytro’s Cinema Camera Change The Horizon For Filmmakers

The movie production industry has subsequently grown over the past decades, owing to improvements in the video shooting equipment. People have grown interest in capturing reality and fiction materials. Every moment spent is worth capturing for documentation. Now introducing the new lytro cinema camera, capable of high performance than any other existing camera as purported […]

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How Innovators Come Up With Breakthrough Technologies

If you’ve ever been astounded by the impressive features of your latest high-tech device, you’ve probably wondered how new technology gets brainstormed and (eventually) created. Studying this process can give you a greater appreciation for the key technologies you use on a daily basis and better capabilities for coming up with new ideas of your […]

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GlassLess 3D Technology Will Featured in Next Avatar Sequel

Watching movies experience has greatly improved over the past few decades. Technology has embraced innovations that are mind blowing. The movie and film (cinema) production technology has gone wild and viral in these days. People who love going to the cinemas can give you the full dose of the narrative of how interesting the experience […]

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How Automation Is Changing The Manufacturing World

It’s no secret that automation is changing our world—mostly for the better. From large-scale automated machines that can handle complex manual tasks on our behalf to pocket-sized apps that can simplify our daily lives, automation has the power to reduce the time we spend on menial or trivial activities, and improve our overall productivity. But […]

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