How Do You Clean A Swimming Pool Effortlessly?

You might be yearning for a refreshing dip in your swimming pool after a long tiring day but swimming pools come with their own challenges. Mostly, swimming pool owners fail to maintain their pools in the right shape and that happens due to improper maintenance of the filter and wrong water hygiene. To clean your […]

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  • April 14, 2018
  • Gear

The Wonderful World of Slides and Slide Scanning

Contents1 What are Film Slides?1.1 Types of Slides and Storage2 Welcome to 2018, it’s time to Digitize!2.1 Do It Yourself or use a Slide Scanning Service?3 Conclusion What are Film Slides? When personal cameras were first introduced, they all used some type of film. This film was usually presented as strips of negatives that needed […]

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The Creative Liquid Motion Lamps

Contents1 The Lava LIte 68512 Rhode Island Novelty 2123 Lava Lite 21244 Lava Lite 19535 Lightahead Glitter Glow Lamp Lava Lamps are liquid motion lamps, which have existed for many decades. The lamps feature two liquids that cannot dissolve in each other but with closer densities. For example, water and oil do not dissolve in […]

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How To Chatbot Works In Retail Industries

Contents1 How to build a chatbot1.1 Get a ready-made solution. 1.2 Build a bot from scratch.1.3 Use a chatbot platform. Chatbot is a tool that stimulates conversations and allows the users to interact endlessly with a non-human user. Chatbots are very much in use these days. They are mostly used in eCommerce business which don’t find […]

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Google X’s Project Wing Platform For Drones Delivering Burritos

Contents1 About Google X2 Features and specifications of the Project Wing aircraft2.1 The design2.2 The battery and flight distance2.3 The delivery method2.4 Testing Most recently, Google X launched its drone-based delivery system known as the Project Wing. Outwardly, the project wing sounded like the Amazon Prime Air. But closer inspection revealed that Google had more […]

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