RED Hydrogen One a modular smartphone with world’s first multidimensional holographic display

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US film camera manufacturer created a modular premium smartphone RED Hydrogen One with multidimensional holographic display and will based on Android-OS that costs $ 1,195

For over 10 years, RED has established itself as one of the most important iconic companies that manufactures professional digital cameras for film and photography. A tour that this 2017 will add a new and interesting product: a smartphone defined as “the world’s first multidimensional holographic communication device.” Thus, has announced with great fanfare the launch of RED Hydrogen One, its first multidimensional holographic communication device. Join us to discover what this concept is about. That promises to bring us technology never seen before, and that if it is real it would be a revolution.

The mobile phone industry, and its manufacturers, always keep some surprises in store so that we can become interested in proposals that are more controversial than those offered by traditional firms. This time, the California company led by James Jannard RED announced the launch of its first smartphone, the RED Hydrogen One, with holographic display and virtual reality (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed (MR) capabilities. Which it will be able to see 3D content without needing to use appropriate lenses, being its main characteristic and that could make the difference in a market full of devices of last generation. Of course, its functions are clearly aimed at filmmakers. RED is a very well-known name in the film industry and is usually dedicated to the production of film cameras.

Let’s go in parts. This new smartphone is a creation of RED, the famous and respected manufacturer of some of the most advanced film cameras in the world and which are the standard in Hollywood, is named ‘Hydrogen One’, being the first device of this type by Part of the company. Among its benefits promises us to show 3D images without need of lenses thanks to its ‘holographic screen’, the first and only one of its kind … well, that’s what RED says.

First of all, what does it mean to have a holographic display?

Well, these types of screens are those that use technology based on holograms to view 3D content. We have known several projects under development, but – so far – there are none with sufficient potential to be commercialized in a massive way.

On the other hand, what does RED refer to when it mentions that the smartphone will be multidimensional? According to The Verge, Californian firm intends that Hydrogen One screens can display both 2D and 3D content and, moreover, be done without the need for users to have glasses to be able to observe the content.

Are you coming to the Nintendo 3DS? The Verge points out that this concept would be similar to the one used by the Japanese console, but with the possibility of visualizing “holographic content of 4 visualizations”, something that has not been developed in greater depth.

RED Hydrogen One, “the first holographic machine for media consumption” … with Android

So far there are few data and details about this ‘Hydrogen One’, but RED mentions that it is an Android smartphone that is equipped with a “professional holographic screen” of 5.7 inches, which, according to the company, is capable of displaying 2D and 3D images as well as “four angle holographic content”. Some believe it is combining the technology of that forgotten Amazon Fire Phone and Nintendo 3DS, but come on, it’s all a theory so far.

RED Hydrogen One, a new revolution smartphone

RED mentions that this screen makes use of nanotechnology to switch between 2D, 3D and holograms, come on, but it does not explain how. As if that were not enough, RED says its ‘Hydrogen One’ is equipped with its proprietary ‘H3O’ proprietary algorithm, which will be able to transform stereo sound into ‘multidimensional expansive audio’. In short, a 5.1 surround sound simulation either through the loudspeakers of the device or through headphones.

The perfect combination for holographic H4V or just listen to your favorite songs.

On the other hand, it will incorporate a new high-speed data bus to allow a broad and constantly expanding modular component system, which will include future accessories for photographing high quality images and still images as well as holographic images.

For the professionals of the sector, to emphasize that this smartphone will be able to work natively next to RED cameras like Scarlet, Epic or Weapon like user interface and monitor. Where the smartphone will serve as external monitor with everything and its own interface to control the cameras via remote. But this does not end here, according to RED this new RED Hydrogen One smartphone will be modular in the style of the Moto Z family, where additional accessories will be focused on technology to capture images. However, they have not announced any.

The phone will be marketed with a USB-C cable and a charger and will include an expandable Micro SD card slot. As it could not be otherwise, integrated two cameras (with RED technology) capable of producing cinema-quality images.

James Jannard has asked himself on his blog: “Why do we think we can do something different in the mobile phone market? Because we are doing everything different and feel better. That is the only way to enter a market. That was the thought behind Oakley. And that was the thought when we launched RED One. The same formula. Do something significantly better. ”

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Price and availability

The manufacturer is focusing its new invention on the professional market that will come in two versions. The “cheap” aluminum variant will cost $ 1195. If you prefer titanium version, we will have to disburse $ 1,595 (plus shipping and taxes). It is scheduled to be released in 2018.

The device can already be booked on the RED website and assures that deliveries will occur in early 2018. Yes, without knowing the specifications or the final appearance of the device, although at least the only image that exists confirms that it will have USB-C and 3.5mm jack.

But that’s not all, because if we go to the “small print”, RED mentions that everything is subject to change without notice, mentioning that the final design could be different from published. But the most important thing is this: “after the initial launch we will not be able to fulfill all the orders on time due to the limitations that exist for the production of the screen, nor can we guarantee that these prices will be maintained at launch. Will not be available at launch

More features?

The phone will be modular, in the style of failed Google Project Tango or Motorola MotoMods. In this case, the modules will be connected with pins and will be oriented to the cinema. Of course, from RED have not advanced how many or how they will be. Although any technical characteristic such as processor, RAM, camera, etc. is unknown.

Of course, you’ll have to settle for seeing the only picture on the phone. And if it seems to you little, RED assures that the mobile is subject to change without notice and that the final design could be different from the photo, as well as the price. This particular RED Hydrogen One smartphone can now be booked on its official website, where you can also find a very brief additional information of the product, anticipating its arrival in the market in the first quarter of 2018.

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