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The closing down of OceanofPDF website affected many people, particularly those who love reading free eBooks on their computers or mobile devices. The bringing down of the website meant that you could not use it anymore to access your favourite free eBooks, Epubs and PDF files anymore. Developers of the website had one goal when developing it – they wanted it to assist individuals who find books expensive. That might be the key reason the site grew rapidly and the authorities chose to take it down. 

After opening the website, all you needed to do was to search for the book using its name, that of the author or according to its genre. You had the option of reading the books online or downloading them onto your device. Ocean of PDF featured the design of a simple blog with 7871 pages. But because it is now gone, you should rely on the available oceanofpdf alternatives to access your favourite books at no cost.

What is OceanOfPDF?

OceanOfPDF is a website that provides free access to PDF versions of books. The website has a large collection of books, and users can search for specific books or browse by topic. The site is easy to navigate, and the book titles are arranged by categories. You can click on any category and see all the books in that area. .

Is OceaNOFPDF safe?

Yes, OceaNOFPDF is safe. The website is encrypted, so your privacy and information are protected. OceanOfPDF is a safe and secure way to store and share your files online. You can easily download and store your files, but the main purpose of the site is to allow users to share their files with friends. The entire site is encrypted, so your privacy and information are protected.

Similar Sites Like oceanofpdf.com

  • Getfreeebooks
  • Free-ebooks
  • Freecomputerbooks
  • Freetechbooks
  • Manybooks
  • Bookzz
  • Internet Archive
  • Google Play Books
  • LibriVox Audio Books
  • Smashwords


oceanofpdf alternatives

This directory of authors and readers allows you, as the reader, to search for the books you want from their database and download them onto your device. If you are an author, you can publish your eBooks and upload them on the site for the readers to find them easily. So, when looking for eBooks on the OceanofPDF alternative site, one of the things that will surprise you is the long list of independent authors who have been sharing their ideas and imagination. During the starting phase, Getfreeebooks.com was a very small website that provided a few ebooks. Today, the site has grown into a very large internet-marketing platform for both authors and readers. 


oceanofpdf alternatives

For individuals who need to download many eBooks at no cost, the Free-ebooks.net website is there to try. The website allows users to download many eBooks at once and regardless of the genre, you are likely to find what you need. Each download on the oceanofpdf alternative site takes a few clicks. Therefore, after you have opened the website, you will just need to use the book title or the name of the author to find what you want. Click on the eBook and download it. The site offers files in PDF, TXT and Kindle format. You can download as many books as you need in a day.


oceanofpdf alternatives

The freecomputerbooks.com is another site that provides a very long list of free eBooks. The best thing is that the website allows users to download as many books as they want. Whether you need a maths eBook, engineering book, lectures, programming notes or magazines, you will find them here. You should not expect any charges for downloading the eBooks or membership fees. And even though the website has a simple design, it has 13 primary categories and more than 200 subcategories of eBooks. That means that your browsing sessions will be smooth. Unfortunately, the website resembles and works like a search engine. After you have clicked on an eBook, you will land on a third-part site for your downloading to be complete. 


oceanofpdf alternatives

It is hard to find all the books you need on one website. So, after missing a book in one site, you should look for it in other OceanofPDF alternatives. Freetechbooks website is a directory designed for people who want to share programming eBooks and other computer-related eBooks, notes and lectures. Unlike the other website, Freetechbooks provides safe and legal books. That should tell you that you are unlikely to land into any problems when completing your download. Each time you click on the download button, the website will redirect you to a third-party site for the download part. 


oceanofpdf alternatives

Launched in 2004, Manybooks.net has been offering a large digital books library to help people access the books they want. A large percentage of users have shown satisfaction after using this website and they recommend it as one of the best oceanofpdf alternatives to others. The admins are always ready to handle problems as they arise. In addition to readers, self-publishing authors can also use the website to reach their target audience. The published content is legit and you can access it at any time. If you would want to receive notifications about the most recent releases, subscribe to their newsletter option. 


This Oceanof PDF alternative is not as popular as the others are. It is a legal directory offering photography, arts, mind and body and health books in addition to teens’ books and biographies. Bookzz.org was very popular some years ago but the admins changed its domain name to keep it running after authorities brought the original version down. After you have landed on the site, use the offered search engine to look for any books you need. This oceanofpdf alternatives is easy to use and downloads complete within a few minutes or seconds.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive provides a large number of digital cultural artefacts and sites for individuals who want to conduct research. You can access everything on this website at no cost. Apart from eBooks, people use the website to get video games, music videos and other resources suitable for people of all ages. It is more helpful to people who want to gear their kids into reading. If you love movies, you can watch the offered educational movies at no cost. 

Google Play Books

With Google Play Books, your digital reading will be easier. Each day, this app from Google offers personalized recommendations for the readers. You can read textbooks, comics and access customized features in addition to reaching the top booksellers. Google Play Books limits you to the books available on Play Store but you will have something new each day to try. The app has facilitated compilation of many helpful resources and one fo best choice for oceanofpdf alternatives.

LibriVox Audio Books

oceanofpdf alternatives

For people who love audio books, the LibriVox Audio Books is the oceanofpdf alternatives to try. The site offers more than 24,000 audio books in more than 30 languages. You can access the books at any time and at no cost. After finding the book you need, download it into your computer device for later use or stream it over the internet. Moreover, you can share any of the books you listen through social media platforms. The site is easier to use and the audio books downloading process is smooth. Use this oceanofpdf alternative site if your goal is to keep your kids busy when travelling or during holidays. 


oceanofpdf alternatives

Smashwords has stood for a long time as an independent publication platform for eBooks authors and an online eBooks distributor. Travellers, especially those who hate carrying printed books have been using it due to the fast and easy access of digital books. One of the things you will notice after opening the site is that the admins have grouped the books in categories. Select your target category and download the book you want to read. The oceanof pdf alternatives offers many types of books but it is a good choice for lovers of romance books.

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