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Practical Guide on Formatting Windows 10

There are several techniques for formatting Windows 10 and thanks to Microsoft this process has been greatly facilitated compared to previous versions. Here are the ways to delete and reinstall Windows 10. Easiest way to format and reinstall Windows 10 In this tutorial we will explain step by step how to format and reinstall Windows […]

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How to turn your personal blog into your business

Today, many people have a hobby blog where they share topics of personal interest. However, turning  into a profitable personal blog business is a process that is already more complex and requires time, patience and diligence. There are different platforms that allow you to create a blog. Two of the best known are Blogger and […]

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Introduction to Private Browsing: 8 tips to protect your data

Every time we are online, we leave a digital “trail”. IP addresses give us away and cookies compile our Private browsing habits. Internet service providers (ISPs) and employers theoretically keep track of which sites we visit and when. Even private navigation, also known as Incognito mode, is not entirely safe from prying eyes. So what […]

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