World’s Most Expensive Game Ever Made

There are video games, when you play them you knock out world stages, unlock new levels and uncover every hidden secret beneath the keyboard. Until they run dry of deepest secrets and you realize there is no more adventure to discover. You, therefore, pack them and go window shopping for the next blockbuster computer game. […]

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  • March 12, 2019
  • Game

Incredibly Common Mistakes App Developers Make

Discover The Article1 5 Things App Developers Really Shouldn’t Do 1.1 1. Build an App That Tries to Do Everything 1.2 2. Ignore Market Research1.3 3. Refuse to Beta Test1.4 4. Forget the Marketing Plan1.5 5. Think Updates Aren’t Necessary2 Show People Why Your App Is the Best It’s easy to make a mistake when developing an app. Here […]

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How to Wireframe a Mobile App

Discover The Article1 What is Wireframing?2 6 Tips for Effective Wireframing2.1 Keep an Open Mind2.2 Consider Different Platforms2.3 Think About Your Audience2.4 Prioritize Functionality Over Aesthetics2.5 Involve Multiple People2.6 Avoid Going Overboard3 Set Yourself Up for Success For businesses, mobile apps offer increased reach, engagement, and an additional channel through which products and services can […]

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Choosing a Website Host? Do Your Research First

Discover The Article1 5 Factors to Consider in a Website Host1.1 Reliability1.2 Security1.3 Tech Support1.4 Features1.5 Price2 Don’t Make a Rash Decision As you launch or grow a business, you’ll have to spend some time thinking about your website and the infrastructure that supports it. And while a website hosting service may be largely invisible, […]

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