The Best Torrent Sites 2022 For Download And Search

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Despite the streaming platforms and other alternatives to access content, P2P networks continue to be of paramount importance to users. Always living on the edge of the law, many portals have managed to survive for years. Due to this, many of the web pages that work as search engines for torrents, have to change habitually of url or even close due to legal pressures. Many do not even appear in search engines. That is why we present this list with the best torrent sites 2022.

If you are one of those passionate about movies, series and torrent eBook; if you are always looking for good titles to watch at home, you are lucky because we prepared a list with the best websites to download torrents.

Although most of these pages have very similar aspects, each one has its own process that make them more eligible according to the user’s priorities. So pay attention to the list so you can detect which one is yours.

The web pages and portals to download torrent are usually a complex ground to master. Portals are shut down from time to time; either for judicial reasons or for other reasons. However, many projects also arise, sometimes from the ashes of previous ones. That makes necessary updated list of torrent download sites. Since tomorrow or within a week, everything may have changed, even closed.

At the time of downloading, we usually choose some of the best-known portals, both nationally and internationally. Here we talk about The Pirate Bay,,, Torrentz2 or LimeTorrents. However, there are many options on the Internet and not all of them are so popular, although there are millions of visitors every day.

Beyond that, we are going to focus on the most popular torrent download websites at the moment, according to different criteria. One of the most used criteria is the Alexa ranking, which mainly deals with the traffic of the different portals. The most updated ranking offers us these portals:

1. The Pirate Bay

One of the classic sites to download torrents for many years. The indisputable king of the BitTorrent world and downloads in general, even more since the closing of Kickass Torrent. After endless all kinds legal problems, one of the oldest portals continues to lead the ranking. There are movies, programs, free ebook torrents, anime, TV series. It would be interesting to read the comments of each download to see if the file works or not. Back in its original domain, The Pirate Bay is blocked in many countries, which forces the use of VPN or proxies.


One of the oldest torrent sites still continues and offer good possibilities. The design is somewhat old and outdated. However, you can still find good options. The truth is that it fully meets its mission. You will always find enough seeds to get the best speed. Of course, it is possible that advertising complicates the experience somewhat.


Although it is not a web of downloads as such and we are facing a search engine for torrents.  It is one of the most visited indexing website with P2P network. Another torrent portal that has resurfaced from its ashes with a new name. It is clone of the invalid Torrentz and its use has not stopped growing in recent months.


Another one that always appears at the top of the rankings. An excellent interface that gives us access to an impressive selection of torrents for all tastes: torrent ebook, movies, TV series, apps. Interesting to follow the most “reliable” uploaders. But, also, also the power to find millions of torrent files to download. As a point, if your internet provider blocks the main domain, you can opt for or

5. (

Going down something else in the ranking, we find this portal specially designed to download torrent movies. The change of ownership affect the activities, although there are signs of recovery. Users can request different contents that have not been uploaded and give feedback to portal operators.


One of the reference portals for lovers of the series. Last year they occupies the eighth position and has now up a couple of places. An alternative to an older portal that had to close its doors in 2015.


Another torrent site that has grown in the last year and has risen three positions among the most popular. But not indexed in the search engines, though everyone knows the URL.  It is very easy to use and you even have RSS feed of the categories to follow all the files that are going up in a simple way. One of the web pages to download torrent, now it prove that it can continue among the 10 most outstanding Torrents Site of the internet.


A very special place, and really well designed web page that allows us to search torrents from different downloadable web sites. Beyond being a search engine, it also indexes content from other portals and classifies it into categories. so that it is easier for us to navigate through its nice interface what we are looking for.

9. Zooqle

One of the new ones that is among the ten most visited torrent website. Its careful and clean interface allows users to find what they are looking for. As well as present non-aggressive and non-disturbing advertisement.


Another torrent web that sneaks among the most prominent Internet for the right management by its administrators. Here we will only verified torrent are listed. So we will not be surprised when opening the download once it is complete.


Other portals well positioned in Alexa are TorrentDownloads, TorrentFunk, YourBitTorrent or

Finally, let us go with a couple of tips to complete the torrent experience in 2022. The first advice is that we must be very careful with the clones and copies of popular portals. Many people still fall for the deception that Extratorrent, IsoHunt or KickAss Torrents still exist in alternative domains.

These portals already down and some want to take advantage of their reputation to do business or spread some type of malware. Therefore, we must be aware from that type of portals we access and be careful with the copies.

The second advice is related to the mining of cryptocurrencies. By decreasing the advertising revenues of the download portals, they have adopted a new method to obtain income that passes through the use of users to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or mainly, Monero. If this is done in a controlled manner, without using 100% of the CPU and limiting the time, there is usually no problem.

The Pirate Bay was among the first to undermine cryptocurrency, but it is something that has spread dangerously to many other portals. We recommend you to review the guide on how to prevent a web mine cryptocurrencies with your PC.

Bonus Tips to safely use of torrent sites 2022

Tip 1: Every Torrent user should use a VPN

Very important. If you are going to download a Torrent file, you have to use a VPN. Many ISPs will be monitoring your connection to find out how you are using your network, and if they send you a writ order, you may be in trouble. When you download a torrent you are participating in a network that shares this file, something that may not be very legal and can easily be traced back to your IP address.

To avoid this, it is best to use a good VPN service that allows you to mask your IP address. In addition, it will improve your online security. For this, you should look for a good VPN provider that does not keep records of your activity, that offers good speed to download torrents and has many servers all over the world.

Also, many Torrents services may not be available from your country. For example, The Pirate Bay, is inaccessible from a Spanish IP, but you can access this popular website with an IP of Netherlands.

VPN sites in which you can register:

  1. Private Internet Access

PIA offers one of the best services on the market in 2022. The service supports up to five devices, PPTP / OpenVPN and L2TP / IPSec protocols, SOCKS5 proxy and has no restrictions for P2P. It also protects the DNS and has a Kill Switch. The upload and download speeds are not the best world, but it is still perfectly possible to download torrents.

You do not have a free trial, but your money is returned within 7 days after you sign up. Price? Visit there!

It supports IKEv2 / IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP and even has a Double VPN to improve security. Speed? It depends on the server you connect to but it is usually very good. The interface of their programs are very good and it is very easy to use. It has Kill Switch, it protects you the DNS, and is one of the few VPN that works with Netflix.

Tip 2: Every Torrent user should change their DNS

Not only to download torrents, but also to improve your privacy and online security. Why should you allow your telephone operator to control your DNS? The first thing you should do is change the DNS of your router or computer to Cloudflare:,

Why? Cloudflare tells us: Almost everything on the Internet starts with a DNS request. DNS is the Internet directory. You click on a link, open an application, send an email and the first thing your device does is ask in the directory: Where can I find this? Unfortunately, by default, DNS is often slow and insecure. Your ISP, and anyone else who listens on the Internet, can see all the sites you visit and all the applications you use, even if their content is encrypted. Interestingly, some DNS providers sell data about your Internet activity or use it for their ads. Using is the alternative.

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