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What Is The Best Ethereum Wallet To Store Ether In 2018

Ethereum is the most popular Blockchain, only second to bitcoin. The cryptocurrency’s value has continued to surge in the past few months. Its price was 8.5 dollars at the beginning of 2017. Today, ethereum is selling at more than 500 dollars. The price improvement is widespread among all the cryptocurrencies, and; this has made millions […]

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What Are The Features of A Smart City of The Near Future?

Smart cities concept arose during the global economic crisis of 2008. At that time, the IBM started working on the “smarter cities” concept as part of their Smarter Planet Initiative. At the start of 2009, the smart city concept had charmed the imagination of many nations across the world. Some countries like China, UAE and […]

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The Best Cell Phones for Senior Citizens to Consider in 2018

The market has numerous easier to use best cell phones for seniors to offer. Most of the cell phones highlight friendly features including big screens, big keypads, simplified cameras, amplified speakers and hearing aid compatibility. In fact, most seniors do not require some of the features and are already happy with their smartphones. However, a […]

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  • December 23, 2017
  • Gear

‘Revolutionary’ Super Glue Could Heal The Wounds In Car Crashes

Australian researchers have already developed a form of superglue-like substance, the Revolutionary Superglue, which medical experts can squirt on wounds (including internal wounds) to seal them within a few seconds and potentially change treatments in war zones and car crash sites. The working process of the glue is similar to that of regular bathroom sealants […]

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