Monthly Archives: January 2017

Scientists confirm a new form of matter: The crystals of time

For months it has been speculated that researchers may have finally created crystals of time – strange crystals that have an atomic structure that is repeated not only in space but over time, putting them in perpetual motion without energy. Now it’s official – researchers have detailed information on how to make and measure these […]

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What is expected of Android in 2017

A new year begins and there are many illusions and hopes placed in it. In the world of technology, specifically, we expect to see major breakthroughs and important developments. In our point of view, without going further, is the most popular and most used operating system in the world: Android & its apps. If in […]

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New scams in WhatsApp, Use safely

Scammers have found a way to pass files purportedly from government organizations through WhatsApp instant messaging. However, the documents are actually fraudulent software intended to obtain personal data from the victims. The new threat appears to have been born in India. The messages, apparently addressed to members of the Police, Army and security agencies are […]

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